HALO HALO BABY is an online platform featuring a harmonious mix of soulful crafts from local artisans and craftsmen. At HALO HALO BABY, we're all about the unique mix of handmade crafts that express the passionate side of modern living.

We are a group of creative independents based in Singapore, who take pride in our local artisan and craftsmen’s creativity, their well thought out design and quality they produce. We admire each exacting process they employ as they painstakingly handcraft each item with love and care. We dream big for them and aspire to help them soar into greater heights.


We SUPPORT LOCAL communities by supporting their arts and crafts.

We CURATE beautiful collections.

We FOSTER TALENT. We seek out local partners and help them in their trade.


We GIVE BACK to local communities. We do this by allocating a portion of the proceeds to different charities in need.

Want to know more? Contact us at info@halohalobaby.com.